At APS, we help to resolve distressed asset situations.

Debt Recovery

You may have customers in one country or in countries with different languages, legislation, economic situations or debtor behaviour. We have over 800 professionals in 15 countries to handle fast, efficient and ethical collection services.

APS is the leading distressed debt recovery firm in the Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. We follow a strict set of rules and place the utmost importance on ethics, both when guiding debtors through repayment and when helping our clients obtain repayment in a timely and professional manner.

Our Performance

  • 300 call centres and recovery specialists in the region

  • Over 500,000 loans under management

  • Serving more than 100 clients: banks, insurance, leasing, telco, utility and other business sectors

  • Industry leading collection software and infrastructure

Debt Recovery Tools

Our infrastructure gives us the ability to efficiently manage large volumes of corporate and retail debts. We are prepared to service secured as well as and unsecured debts.

Our primary goal is to find an agreement with the debtor and come to an acceptable solution. However, if we’ve exhausted all amicable tools, we are ready to apply appropriate legal measures.

  • Call Centre Collection

    Our operators are highly trained to identify the personality of the debtor and his or her expected behaviour, and to then design an optimal strategy. Our primary goal is to find common ground upon which to agree on a payment schedule.

  • Field Collection

    We are able to conduct thousands of orders per month. Activities are implemented from 24 hours to 14 days from accepting an order thanks to our domestic network of negotiators located throughout the country.

  • Skip Tracing

    If there is a lack of information about a debtor, our teams of Skip Tracing specialists are ready to gather all available data to locate the person.

  • Legal Collection

    APS works either in cooperation with specialised law firms, or provides its own legal collection services. Our highly developed processes enable the shortest possible legal procedures and lead to smooth recovery in executions, bankruptcies, insolvencies, etc. At this stage of servicing, we implement all available tools and methods. Legal actions are coordinated with call centre debt collection and/or field recovery.

  • Car Repossession

    Our primary aim is to agree on an appropriate schedule of payments. For other situations, we are equipped to repossess, value and auction all types of vehicles.

  • Mortgage Management & Recovery

    Our primary focus is always to sell other assets or collateral before reclaiming the debtor’s property. In other situations, we integrate auction sales of collateral with settling with the debtor.

    Our long-term cooperation with local authorities involved in the repossession process allows us to guarantee the smooth and fast sale of repossessed properties.

  • Receivables Advisory

    We provide a wide range of services including valuation of receivables, setting processes for internal debt collection, setting the parameters for client scoring, and evaluating the client’s financial standing.

  • Restructuring

    Restructuring is an alternative approach applied in situations where other methods are not applicable. We see restructuring as a complementary tool that allows us to maximise the benefits for all participants in the transaction. We use such typical tools as repossession, development and the sale of RE collateral, as well as the reorganisation of processes, labour contracts, etc. to reduce costs and overhead, and support these methods by providing alternative means of financial restructuring and debt refinancing.

  • Economic Reports

    We provide our customers with reports for the verification and obtaining of business information. These include:

    • Data on asset components – movables and real estate, also in the form of photo-inspection
    • Information related to equity or personal ties, employment, place of business
    • Determining the location of wanted securities
    • Data on real estate – numbers and data from land registers

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